The production samples on this site will share some of my creative style and media skills. I work with a wide range of multimedia and scripting applications. I am efficient and can work on a team, or if the project calls for it, on my own at a good pace to get things down on time to meet the deadline. I love my work. I love sharing what I know and I like to work on productions that make a difference with people who feel the same way.

I have a long history and practical experience with graphics, from vector to pngs and jpgs. When the stills start flowing into frames I am at my best. I can record audio and shoot visuals and then bring the clips into post and take it all the way though to compression and distribution from DVD to the Web.

I like working with the new release of Final Cut Pro 10.1, despite its first generation bugs. Apple’s Motion and Photoshop Extended are basic elements to most of my productions.

I also have a rich history in radio production from journalism to drama with an extra layer of advanced soundscaping skills that are sometimes overlooked in media production, but add a level of creative depth that brings surprising quality to any production.

From A to Z, I can deliver a great deal of what may be needed in most multimedia productions.

Finally, most of the work presented on this site was produced in my most recent projects in the Northwest Arctic Region of Alaska.

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If you have any interest in having a creative conference call or a face to face meeting to explore a working relationship, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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